There are a number of approved mortuary science schools in Minnesota ready to accept residents interested in occupations in this challenging skilled trade.

Whether your goal is to be employed as a mortician, embalmer or a funeral director, you should be able to find top programs in your area providing the training you're looking for.

Compare Mortuary Science Schools in Minnesota's Largest Communities

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Recommended Programs!

Accredited Mortician Training Programs in Minnesota

The list directly below lists all of the mortuary science programs in now approved by the ABFSE. For more information on the programs listed, we encourage you call them directly with the info provided.

Mortuary Science Schools in Minnesota
School Address Website Phone Number
University of Minnesota A275 Mayo Memorial Building, MMC 740, 420 Delaware Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455 www.mortuaryscience.umn.edu (313) 577-1202
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