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Mortician Salary Guide for 2015

Are you considering a career in funeral services? If so, you’re undoubtedly interested in finding out what you can expect in mortician salary. Per the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a mortician was $51,600 as of May 2012.

This figure is well above the national average for all positions and, when one considers the government’s projected 12% increase in the need for new funeral directors and morticians through 2022, it makes this rewarding, unique profession even more appealing.

Mortician Salary Guide for 2015

If you’ve recently wondered “How much do morticians make?”, this guide will help you find the answer.

There are different factors that influence the exact answer to this question, including such common variables as experience, the funeral home you work for, etc. There are other, less-obvious, factors as well, however.

This guide to mortician salary will help you determine which of these variables apply to you, and approximately how much you should expect to get paid as a mortician in 2015.

A Closer Look at Funeral Services Pay

There are four primary factors that contribute to the exact salary you can expect to earn as funeral director. For a closer look, simply click on any of the tabs below.



In most cases, experience is the single-most important factor that goes into determining how much you’ll be paid as a mortician or funeral director. Obviously, the more experience one has, the higher pay he or she will command in any given industry, and funeral services is no exception.

The following table reflects the salary one can expect to earn based on years of experience.

Mortician Salary by Experience
Experience Level Mean Salary
Entry-Level (1-2 years) $45,408
Experienced (3-6 years) $58,308
Late Career (7+ years) $70,310



The industry in which a mortician works also plays a significant role in how much salary he or she earns. Not surprisingly, the majority of professionals with mortuary science degrees are employed in death care (e.g. funeral homes), but some are also employed by the government.

The table below reflects salaries in the industries which employ the most morticians and funeral services professionals.

Mortician Salary by Industry
Industry Morticians Employed Mean Salary
Death Care Services 24,690 $51,870
Federal Executive Branch (Government) 330 $72,320



Location is vital to success in most businesses, and it is crucial in funeral services as well. Morticians employed in major cities usually earn considerably more than their peers in rural areas, and those who work in certain states also tend to enjoy higher salaries based on location.

The five highest-paying states in the U.S. for funeral services professionals are reflected in the table below.

States with the Highest Mortician Salary
State Morticians Employed Mean Salary
Delaware 80 $70,970
Illinois 1,080 $70,530
New Jersey 850 $70,310
Rhode Island 8 $70,190
Nebraska 190 $61,510



The final factor that plays a major part in determining mortician salary is whether or not the individual holds additional, specialized certifications. The most-popular, and lucrative, of these in the funeral services industry is an embalming certification.

In general, funeral directors or morticians who are also certified embalmers earn more than their counterparts who are not certified to perform this task.


How to Increase Your Mortician or Funeral Director Salary

Not only do the variables highlighted above help explain what will determine your mortician salary, they also provide you with some insight into how you go maximize your earnings. It goes without saying that some of the following suggestions are easier to follow than others, but all are worth considering.

These are the primary ways you can earn the highest funeral directory pay possible:

  • Become certified as an embalmer, mortuary cosmetologist, or both
  • Consider working for a government agency rather than a mortuary
  • If you’re willing to relocate, look for positions near major cities

Aside from these strategies, the only other way to really increase your mortician pay is by gaining experience on the job. If you’re truly committed to a career in funeral services, however, this is something that will take care of itself.

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